Blank Game Co.

To be a meaningful multiplier to our development partners in the curation and crafting of commercially-viable experiences through passion for games and people.

About Us

We believe great games can come from anywhere.

Our focus is on crafting original games — from indie-scale projects up to AAA titles for mobile, PC, and console. We draw from our extensive industry experience and seasoned in-house leadership to partner with traditional game developers to create exciting new properties supported by our external network of visual artists, musicians, sound designers, writers, and other world-class talents. By driving the creative and technical vision, direction, and production needs through disperse co-development across multiple studios, we ensure that we always have access to exactly what we need, when we need it. We are game development without borders.

Our Services

Recent projects

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Our team

Hayley Martel

CEO & Executive Producer

Justin Surber

Director of Commercial Engagement & Strategy

Brian Martel

Chief Creative Officer

Korri Kopsi

Art Producer

Sarah Jones

Chief of Finance & Ops

Will McGirl

Brand Manager

Jack Mathews

Chief Technical Officer

Bendy & Robin Sparkles

Company Mascots

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